Subodh is an international Habits and Mindset Coach, and a Consultant in creativity and innovation in education.

Subodh’s expertise lies in coaching entrepreneurs, executives, working professionals on improving their daily habits and mindset for their overall growth. His passion lies in engaging with his clients on increasing their daily performance, bringing more clarity to their actions, and helping them make inward growth.

Subodh is the Co-Founder of Insight Walk, a non-profit that offers teaching fellowships to rural community women. These women work to ensure every child in their village has access to contextual education of their choice. All the students at Insight Walk design their own syllabus with a major focus on curiosity, low-cost innovation, problem-solving, and creativity.


  • Personal Leadership
  • Peak Performance Habits
  • Community and Student Led Education Systems
  • Innovation in Education


I worked for 3 years at Teach For India in a variety of roles focused on facilitating, managing a high performing team of leaders, and coaching fellows. These experiences were incredibly rewarding yet I was often exhausted. I was a workhorse focusing on my goals and ignoring my body & mind’s request to slow down. Eventuall, I found the most fulfilling moments at work were in meaningful, authentic connections with individuals and teams – no multitasking, no rushing, just being present. 

That’s when I realized I am meant to do more and do well, not just hustle mindlessly.

Finally, I transitioned into becoming a full time coach to help people work on their daily habits, mindset and prioritise their version of happiness. I also Co-Founded Insight Walk – the only nonprofit which lets children design their own syllabus and empowers local community women to take up teaching fellowships to mentor and coach students from their communities.


For the past eight years, I’ve been spending my time building Insight Walk and focusing on my work as a Leadership Coach. I’m a recovering perfectionist practicing being present and prioritizing the work and people I care about most. Somedays I get off track, but I come back to these intentions and try again. I believe my clients have the answers within them and I’m here to listen, ask thoughtful questions, provide a space to learn, and hold them accountable as they move toward where and who they want to be. 

While working together in a coaching relationship, you’ll find clarity in your life and learn how to make choices in alignment with your values. In partnership with companies, we’ll design a custom fit for your team’s unique stage and goals. I work with small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

I also work as a Education Consultant with national and international non profits. My expertise lies in designing Community Centric Programs, Low Cost Resourceful Programs and Programs That Empower Local Communities. Check Insight Walk to get a glimpse of the work I truly believe in.


I enjoy reading leadership, management, psychology books and I’ve been reading everyday for the past six years. I also love taking up courses to broaden my knowledge and skills. Currently I am learning about neuroscience, fat loss and how human brain and body works.

The days I am not coaching my clients, you will find me traveling off beat destinations. 


Managing Career Burnout
Create A Brand Strategy by PMI
Overcoming Procrastination
Project Management by Google
Six Sigma Black Belt by Project Management Institute
Creating a High Performance Culture by NASBA
Driving Measurable, Sustainable Change by Project Management Institute
Leading With Vision by Project Management Institute
Managing Anxiety in the Workplace
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google
Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology
NLP Practitioner


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