3 Months

1-on-1 Coaching


Daily Mindset

Let’s shift your mindset from lack to abundance together. Our focus will be on building daily routines, practices and rituals.

Career Progression

Let’s take your skills to the next level for maximum productivity + enhanced overall happiness and balance in life.

Well Being

Let’s deepen your self-connection and get you to step into your highest self.

What is it like to work with me and what can you expect out of this track?

I would say it’s transformative, it can get challenging at times by learning to step into your own power. Being coached by me means diving deep, doing deep inner work that’s required, and coming out stronger. I would say that I am a patient listener, and above all, your biggest supporter.

Working with me 1:1 is for you if you are ready to uncover old patterns that have kept you stuck and elicit a solid plan on how to move forward. If you want to level up your self-confidence, self-care and establish powerful routines and rituals that help you create a day-to-day life you love, this track is for you.



→ Create daily habits and self-care rituals to ground you.

→ Have clarity and alignment with your purpose.

→ Create strategy and tools to plan and execute your goals effectively.

→ Practice how to use your high productive and high energy slots for your goals.

→ Overcome overwhelm while stepping into the most confident version of you.

→ Get over the society defined concepts of success and create your personal template for long-term goals.


Are you?

→…struggling with effective time & energy management for maximum output?

→… tired of feeling stuck in cycles of overworking to ‘stay on top’ and feeling burnt out because you have been pushing yourself too far – again?

→… suffering from low self-esteem, and putting yourself first?

→… feeling overwhelmed with finding your sweet spot between succeeding at work & taking time for daily self-care practices, your relationships, and your health?

→… done figuring all the answers + strategies out by yourself through trial + error?

→… willing to let go of what’s been holding you back from stepping into your highest self?

If your answers are a big and loud YES, this track is for you. 



You will receive two 90 minute coaching calls every week where all the big magic happens! (Via Zoom or WhatsApp Call) Together, we dive into mindset building, planning and boundary setting, and daily habits, and much more. We will also use this time to discuss assignments and share feedback.


You will receive daily hand-picked reading to help you build skills and offer you a fresh perspective. This daily reading will cover a range of topics including productivity, self-care, self-acceptance, managing energy, overcoming fear and bias, procrastination, etc.


You will receive weekly assignments and readings to practice skills + all the strategies you need to stay on top of your goals! This will help you identify your inner blocks and work on them. These assignments will help you track your progress and growth too.


You will receive mindfulness activities and practices along with reflection prompts to help you ground your thoughts and energy. Along with this, you will also receive weekly resource suggestions and reflection questions to deepen your awareness.


The more you work on yourself, the more I am here to support you. On-demand, I will be happy to share all the tools, resources, and practices I use in my day-to-day life. Besides, throughout the journey, I will help you create your own personal tool bank which will help you for the rest of the year and beyond that.


Imagine having your coach available for anything that’s on your mind: helping you stay on track with your goals, streamline your private and professional life, take consistent action for accelerated results in between calls and receive feedback as you go! In between calls, I will have your back 6 days a week to cheer you on when obstacles arise.


have a daily / weekly structure that allows you to balance work & life optimally.

have a strong inner foundation for what’s ahead of you and feel a sense of calm & peace within yourself.

be free of old stories, the need for external approval & start to live an authentic life on your own terms



Here’s what top leaders and professionals have to say about my approach and working with me:

When I started working with Subodh I was dealing with demanding work and completely stretched. He helped me get clarity on what I actually valued and challenged my thinking. Subodh introduced structures and routines which I found really important. He is a patient listener and a great observer. I would encourage anyone considering Elevate to do it! I have personally finished 5 rounds of Elevate and am looking forward to many more!
Senior HR Manager
in a leading Fin-Tech company, Bangalore
Subodh is a genius coach who brings out the best of you personally and professionally. This is my third year working with him and he has helped me tremendously throughout these years. Subodh has a way of balancing the personal and professional priorities that I needed coaching on and is very attentive in his follow up calls. His coaching style is a great balance of thought provoking daily readings, coaching calls and weekly assignments. I feel grateful to have him in my life and I can see myself working with him for many more years.
Senior Programme Manager
in a Fortune 500 company
When I started working with Subodh I wasn’t quite sure where I was going career-wise. Working with Subodh was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – he’s truly changed my life for the better. I have a better idea of who I am as a person and can now articulate my wants and needs. Subodh is a kind soul with a heart of gold! He has the gift of making others see and reach their full potential. He’s truly inspiring, caring, and if you’re considering working with him, I would say – Do it!
Independent Fitness Coach
Three months ago, I was extremely burned out and realized that I needed help turning my life around. Working with Subodh has helped me to recover from burnout and has given me the tools that will help me avoid that path again. I have become better able to set and maintain boundaries around my work life. Work no longer takes over my life. I have handed off some projects at work to colleagues so I am better able to focus on the areas in which I can make my most meaningful contributions. This also allows me to spend time on high-value work I was previously unable to do. This allows me to be more intentional in how I live my daily life based on what is most important to me. I love that Subodh provided the concepts and tools that helped me to understand myself. He listened, kept me on track and accountable, and guided me to positive change. I couldn't have done it without him. Thank you!
Chief People's Officer
in a leading E-commerce company